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carolina verdura


cheerleader to world beater

   Whenever her contenders are measured against her, she remembers her mother’s wise words: “You don’t want to carry them. You do your thing, Mija.”

determination to succeed

Carolina Verdura is a very determined woman who does not give up easily! In addition, she considers herself an optimistic person, who always looks for the positive side of any situation. This attitude has helped her achieve many things in life on a personal level and has opened many doors professionally. Although they did not have many financial resources, her parents instilled in her a love for sport and supported her so that she could train and participate in competitions. In addition to the competing, Carolina was also a cheerleader for the Rayados de Monterrey soccer team. This was a compliment to the swimming and pentathlon tournaments she had already competed in from a young age. Carolina enjoyed to win, enjoyed the thrill of competition and the enviroment that created. This allowed her transistion onto the figure and fitness stages of the glamorous WBFF stages and onto her pro card.



team player

Carolina competed on the Telemondo show ‘The Money Dome’, on the orange team. She was forced to leave during her team’s run due to an injury sustained which didn’t heal in time. Her will to win was evident during this time, however.


law, gowns and stage

With only 2 years in the industry, Carolina has taken the stage by storm. Always progressing is the key to her strategy to winning, it isn’t the speed at which she progresses, but the fact that she does which drives her. Even though she graduated with a law degree that didn’t define her and she also owns an evening gown boutique!

   Family is key to Carolina and she loves her time spent with hers (when she isn’t consumed by her love of dancing and reading).

   With herself as her own competition, in her mind, she decided to choose the WBFF for her competitive career because the competitions are so different. 

   With her back injury causing her some discomfort Carolina has decided to focus her efforts on studying nutrition in an effort to help others achieve their goals. The WBFF is still her home and we can’t wait to see how she fares with the competitive calendar opening up again for the foreseeable future.