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evelien van pelt

rule everything

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Evelien has been active in sports and fitness for over 13 years and couples this with her love of horses and riding them. She began her journey by taking up training just for hobby purpose (as we mostly all did), which then became passion. The lifestyle of the training and nutrition combined with a longing to help people through her personal training business: EVP Coaching led Evelien to modelling and the stage. Along with her own reality TV show – she has also competed in around 30 competitions, winning such titles as  Miss Iron Maiden, 3 times Dutch Champion, overall winner at a Grand Prix, World Champion at the Amateurs. With a PRO Card to hold aloft and amazing daughter to cheer her on, Evelien is rightfully, sitting on top of the world as one of the best!

   She is also a successful model, and even has her own reality TV show on TLC alongside Femke Louise and Faya Lourens.



Hard work pays off when you remain focused

Back to basics

A truly amazing physique is always shown when you turn around and your gaze goes from the waist – upwards!

feminine muscle

Whoever said muscles make a woman look manly, well, they never met Evelien.

banking on herself

   Previously, Evelien had trained and worked as a financial advisor at ABN AMRO, a well-known Dutch bank, but this wasn’t where her heart was. Until June 2016 she also worked there as a financial advisor (which proved quite difficult to combine with her sporting interests) as it was a role which kept her very busy and left her with her fair share of responsibilities during her working day. Finding the ‘Chivo Knowledge Institute’ allowed her to re-train to become a vitality and lifestyle coach. Along with being a certified weight consultant and personal trainer, she coaches clients on healthier led lifestyles, which mirror her own. Spiritual in nature and a restless soul who loves travelling to Peru, France, Italy, Canada, across America and Brazil!




Evelien always was the kind of girl who loved sports. From horse riding to gymnastics to fitness and weight training. Almost as soon as she started training, Evelien fell in love with it and by 2012 was ready to compete. “I loved every aspect that came with the sport, as I compete mostly with myself even when I am onstage – I just try to be better and better every single day! In addition, I try new things so I can use them and help other people”. Apart from competing and taking care of her daughter (born in 2010), she also runs ‘EVP Coaching’ where she tries to help other people reach their personal goals within all kinds of sports.


  • NTI Weight Consultant
  • CHIVO Personal Trainer PRO
  • CHIVO Vitality coach
  • CHIVO Functional training
  • CHIVO Functional movement
  • CHIVO Functional coaching
  • Feeding CHIVO Functional
  • Lapt

• Muscle beach Endurance challenge 1st place

• Walters open 1st place
• European Championships Romania 6th place
• Flex cup 1st place
• Ironman & Iron maiden 1st place
• Ironman & Iron maiden overall 1st
• Grand prix 2nd place

• NK 1st place
• Arnold Classic Madrid 6th place

• Loaded cup 2nd place
• Loaded cup everywhere class 4th place
• Nk 2nd place

• NK 4th place (participation only for qualification international)
• Grand prix 1st place and overall winner

• Dutch Champion Mixed Pairs 1st place • Dutch Championship Women Physique 4th place
• European Championships Spain 7th place

• Diamond cup Malta 4th place Body fitness up to 168
• Dutch Championship 2nd place Body fitness tall class
• TV program Miss and Mr Sport and Fashion finalist
• WBFF World championships Diva Figure 3rd
• WBFF World championships Diva Fitness 2nd
• PRO Card received
• WBFF Atlantic City Pro 6th place

• WBFF London 4th place

• WBFF UK pro show



her future is hers!

During her pre-competition preparation she begins her strict dieting at around 12 to 14-weeks out from a show and is as strict as her training. She says it took her 10 years to get the legs she possesses now, that doesn’t happen without a dedication to her art. “I try to stimulate the body fat loss but keep most of the muscle mass at the same time”.  Off-season is when these athletes grow their bodies into the shapes they want to display on stage, the final 12 to 14-week stretch is where they fine tune the details that growth period has allowed them to display. “I also practise posing every day which helps me improve myself and keep me focus on my goals”. If you have ever posed in front of a mirror (in the gym or at home) you will understand how out of breath you can be trying to hold that pose, as well as make those tiny details ‘pop’ into sight. Now, imagine doing that when you are carb depleted, lacking water and under the hot lights of the stage – knowing, in an instance you could win or lose the crown of ‘worlds’ best’.

Evelien recalls her experience at the European Championship in 2016 as her favourite up to that point. The organisation of the event was her main point of appreciation with a line-up of over 1800 competing athletes. Her preparation and training leading up to that time was exactly how she had envisaged during her moments of visualisation. Evelien would imagine herself onstage, winning. Every step and each moment were played out in her mind in the weeks before. During the 16 weeks prep to that event – she says she felt great. The only downside, which had its own upside, was that she decided the Women’s Physique category wasn’t where she wanted to be(due to the closeness to the typical bodybuilding category).

   Born on July 6, 1989, in the Dutch town of Ridderkerk – the province of South Holland in the Western Netherlands – Evelien grew up in a very sweet Christian family. 2 sisters accompanied her in the household, where she began to find an interest in sports at a young age. Gymnastics, martial arts and horse riding became an everyday event. This was made (somewhat) easier by her owning her own horse. A passion which has survived until this day.  With her childhood years behind her, Evelien found her new passion. At 18 years old, she encountered fitness!

   By then the other sports had dropped off and now she was only riding her horses, but wanted to add a level of muscle and fitness to her frame.

   Upon first visiting the gym she was immediately asked her level of progress and length of training. This led onto a conversation which revolved around the stage and any interests in competing. The thoughts were that she was already showing a high level of aptitude for being muscular. She showed promise and the owners were keen to help her find her way.

  Anna-Sophie entered the world in 2010 and Evelien was smitten from the moment she met her beautiful daughter (Evelien’s own description for her). A mere 2 years later, in 2012, Evelien decided to enter her first competition in the bodybuilding classes, within the IFBB.

  Upon realising the women’s physique class would suit her better at the time – she made the decision to switch divisions. She never looked back! In the women’s physique class, she participated in a lot of competitions, (for her key result scroll up), until 2017. Where she switched from the physique class to the body fitness class. Her official decision for this was the ever-growing nature of the ladies, who were getting bigger and drier each year. She didn’t want to compete in these classes as her perception was the feminine qualities of her division was beginning to get blurred with muscle gain and her goals were always to maintain a world class physique, muscled and toned, but keeping with the natural feminine lines and beauty she had always had.

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For the final time, in 2017, Evelien switched to a totally new class, in a new federation. The Diva Fitness class at the WBFF. Being one of the most glamourous shows and federations in the world with many categories for every body type – this is a perfect fit for those who wish to express more than their figures and physiques on the grandest stages. As the event list earlier showed, her showing at the WBFF Worlds in London (Aug 2017) garnered her a 3rd place offering in the Dive Figure class with an even better achievement and greater success in the Diva Fitness class – 2nd and the achievement of her PRO card! Something she had toiled in the gym for, with setbacks and near-misses for years, was now hers!

December 2017 allowed her to participate in her first ever PRO competition in Atlantic City in America. Top 6 (6th) from a heavy field of world class ladies was her reward that night – the achievement alone was a real victory for her. Her first PRO showing ever and she was now top 6 in the world! Top 10 in most cases is where an athlete then starts to get the recognition worldwide that their achievements deserve. Top 6 sets you apart. It is a new group of the elite and that is where you start to look up and to the podium. After those highs, another top showing in London gave her pause for thought.


What was next she wondered…


The stage, the lights and the crowds will always be there, but what if she doesn’t want to be? The world is a huge, beautiful place, with opportunities and options for someone willing to seek them out. She loved the stage; she loved her freedom, and she wanted the adventure to continue. The future was hers to construct…. but how? Spirituality and mindfulness were her mantras, they fed her life spirit, but she still had her best years ahead of her and the thrills of seeing and doing new things, (especially now her daughter was old enough to enjoy it all as well), has led her to her new chapters. Adventures in wrestling and seeing as much of the world as she can allows her to enjoy her life of working hard and seizing opportunity.


Daily Menu Choices


Smoothie with fruits and vegetables


 Rice crackers with a banana (sliced or whole) and eggs (her choice of prep)


Bagel with salmon and eggs


 Fruits / protein muffins or pancakes


Chicken + vegetables + rice or sweet potatoes

Pre bedtime snack

 Protein snack of choice or yoghurt or eggs