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Maria Garcia began her rise to fame in 2011 when she competed, on stage, for the first time. But, this wasn’t her entry into the world of the professional performer. Maria opened her own strip club after years of practising as a professional pole dancer and was a huge success for her; opening her eyes to what was to be her main focus in life! She admired the figures and physiques of the women she shared the podium with and decided (after many years as an acrobatic dancer) to take her training and work ethic into the gym full-time.



“One day, I saw some dancers doing an amazing acrobatic dance show on the TV, which totally impressed me! Never before had I seen some kind of dance so spectacular, and from the moment I saw it, I decided that I wanted to learn that sport,” – Maria Garcia.

    Ever the showgirl – Maria found a love for entertaining and performance at a very early age. In the port city of Malaga, Spain, and overlooked by the 2 massive hilltop citadels of the Alcazaba and ruined Gibralfaro, a 7 year old girl began to find her way in the sports world. In those days rhythmic gymnastics was her passion but that quickly fell by the wayside as flamenco dancing sparked a new interest for her (along with a more classical dance interest). This was when acrobatic dancing became her new passion (where she excelled)! Hours and hours of practise to perfect her routines during those formative years were her main interest. To perfect her art she needed to be open to all forms of dance, movement and be willing to learn new skills. One of the hardest skills she decided to learn was that of pole dancing. Strength, composure and athletic ability are required to succeed and Maria displayed these in abundance, which led to her new profession. That of a professional pole dancer. The next step after that was to open her own striptease and pole dancing club – which would lead to her next love. Taking all the strength, athletic ability and stage presence and coupling that with her love of performance – the world of competitive bodybuilding beckoned!   




   When we think of stage competitors (from bodybuilding to figure and bikini), we rarely put that alongside motherhood. Not for Maria Garcia though….from champion of the stage to champion of the school run she is the proud parent of 4 (along with husband Rico Alexis) and is proud to be referred to as “the mother with the best body shape in the world”.   


   As a fitness professional and figure competitor, Maria has competed all over the world; Australia, England, Holland, Finland, Slovakia, United States and her home country of Spain – where she won her pro card at the Nationals in Body Fitness.  


      “I am proud of many moments, titles, and contracts that I have obtained, and also, proud of knowing that I helped someone get in a great shape. It makes me feel really good to know that my efforts motivate, help, inspire or teach other people.”



: 2020 European Pro Figure 12

: 2018 Veronica Gallego Pro Figure 3

: 2018 Galaxy Pro Figure 5

: 2017 Olympia Figure 16

: 2015 Arnold Classic Australia Figure14

: 2015 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro, 8th

: 2015 IFBB Nordic Pro, 6th

: 2015 IFBB Puerto Rico Pro, 7th

: 2015 IFBB Bodypower Pro, 4th

: 2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Australia, 14th

: 2014 IFBB Felicia Romero Pro, 16th

: 2014 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro, 4th

: 2014 NPC Natural Ohio, 1st

: 2014 IFBB St. Louis Pro, 10th

: 2013 IFBB Nordic Pro, 4th

: 2013 IFBB Dallas Europa Supershow, 11th

: 2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro, 14th

: 2013 IFBB California State Pro Figure, 16th

: 2013 IFBB California Governors Cup Pro Figure, 8th

: 2013 IFBB St. Louis Pro, 4th

: 2012 IFBB Masters Olympia & Pro World, 8th

: 2012 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe, 12th

: 2012 IFBB Nordic Pro, 6th

: 2012 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro, 12th

: 2012 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Orlando, 10th

: 2012 NPC Metropolitan Championships, 3rd

: 2012 NPC Northern Kentucky Championships, 8th

: 2011 NPC Eastern USA Championships, 16th

: 2011 NPC Kentucky State Bodybuilding and Central Kentucky Classic Figure, 2nd


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