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IFBB Pro Mike katz

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Learn the secrets that built the physique.

Former Mr.Universe and training partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals the secrets to building your best chest!

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The Trained by Legends Story

1975 was a pivotal year for ASAYL Fitness. This was the year ‘PUMPING IRON’ was filmed and the same year a group of men became larger than life in the eyes of the world, not just the fans in attendance. One of those men was, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger – the other was Mike Katz! A close friend of Arnolds and training partner, he became one of the stars of the movie due to his incredible story and his ‘never say quit attitude’. Some years later i contacted Mike, and with his guidance created the 1st books in the ‘TRAINED by LEGENDS’ series. This series gives you the chance to learn from some of the greatest men and women to ever step on the stage. YOU now have the chance to learn the secrets of chest training from the man who boasted a 60′ chest and is arguably one of the all-time greats! This training series was created to bring the old school training methods to the world and give you the chance to learn from these legends with a different book covering a unique training philosphy from a Legend of stage and gym!

Why Trained by LEGENDS?

The greatest names in the history of bodybuilding (male & female) paved the way for everyone who trains now. The methods, training & techniques they used are still as good today as they were when the star’s used them, themselves. Direct from them to you & now exclusive to us –  TRAINED by LEGENDS is only available here and is the ultimate companion piece for your gym bag. Accompanied by an interview and clothing, this is a unique experience.

Mike Katz

Dave Palumbo

Jean Pierre-Fux

Laura Creavalle

Real training, Real legends, real results!

Using training methods & techniques that created some of the greatest physiques the world has ever known from the last 60 years. They worked then and they will still work now! Mike Katz is a legend in the sport of bodybuilding and he learnt from the best – he trained with the best, and now you can too. Build your most powerful chest ever with the ‘TRAINED by LEGENDS’ 60′ Chest Program-by Mike Katz.

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   You train hard, you take the right supplements & eat well but sometimes – it just isnt enough. ASAYL Fitness© is here to guide you on your way to success! Follow the legends that led the way & learn from them while using the latest and lowest priced supplements to become a better you!  

Juliette Bergmann

JulietteBergmann Born in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands, to an Indonesian father and a Dutch mother, Juliette is the oldest of three children with a sister, Liona Bergmann, and a brother, Rinus Bergmann.    Bodybuilding since 1981 and a member of the N.B.B.F./I.F.B.B....

Lee Keyroux

IFBB PRO - LEE KEYROUZOnlyfans content creator, Certified Personal Trainer and IFBB Pro.From illness to success1988, South Africa.    Lee was born in Johannesburg where she grew up finding it found it very hard to connect with people. Never being able to pinpoint the...

Kassandra Gillis

In 2017, Kassandra Gillis world was very similar to a lot of women as she awaited the arrival of her new baby. A scary prospect of being a mother – the questions of how they manage, decisions about work – schooling and the daily trials of being a new parent were...


Mike Katz

Jean Pierre-Fux

Dave Palumbo

Laura Creavalle

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