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TRAINED by LEGENDS – Mike Katz ‘BIG’ Chest Training Program

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Learn the secrets of the man who owned his very own 60″ chest with the actual training program he used! secrets from one of the top stars of the ’70’s and frequent training partner of the Great Arnold Schwarzenegger.

: One of the stars of the game changing Arnold Schwarzenegger movie - 'PUMPING IRON', & training partner of Arnold - Mike Katz has long since been recognised as one of the top bodybuilders of the 1970's explosion of the sport of bodybuilding!

: His ACTUAL training program he used for years!

: Exclusive access.

: Explanations of warm up techniques, stretching, how to perform the reps and exercises correctly and safely as well as a special message from Mike himself.

: Pictures & images from his training.



disclaimer: this program does not guarantee a 60 inch chest, this is the training program the author used in obtaining his own development. results may vary


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