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1st Chinese IFBB Wellness Pro in U.S.

Fitness Trainer

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About Rachel

She started training clients back in 2015 and along the way has competed in many bodybuilding competitions herself, becoming a champion in the WELLNESS Division along the way. Rachel incorporates what she learned in those years to help postpartum women successfully lose weight – regaining their confidence and figures. With a usual weightloss of 20 to 70lbs, she is incredibly confident she can help. 9-5 office ladies and mums have all won trophies on bodybuilding stages with her help, and so could you! Hard gainers have been helped to put on muscle with overweight clients helped to regain lost confidence. A good listener to her clients and their needs help to get the results they strive! She is an incredibly motivating young lady who has a genuine passion for helping. An approach that has worked for her and her clients has been to use different philosophies attached to different clients. There’s no single training method applied to all with Rachel and with the results she has achieved so far, she can back up her claims.

    2022 Clash of the Titanz Pro-Am Breakdown


    • First Place – Daisha Johnson

    • Second Place – Jasmine Payne

    • Third Place – Leticia Allen

    • Fourth Place – Melitza Guerrero

    • Fifth Place – Rachel Lee

    • Sixth Place – Victoria J. Puentes

    The Low-down


    WBFF 2018 Miss Diva Fitness USA 👑

    At the 2018 WBFF Fitness USA competition, Rachel realised a dream to wear the crown of a champion. 

    Fitness online coach Weight Loss

    Along with her 8 week lower body program, Rachel offers workouts and training with guidance and help with nutrition. If you want to change the way you look, live and eat – you are safe in Rachel’s hands. click this box to go to the site to begin now!

    Contest Prep

    With the help of a stage champion and lower body expert, you could soon be strutting on stage with the very best in the business.