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ASAYL Fitness Superstar Profiles ft. Mrs Nandafit


Featuring our very 1st profile superstar, Mrs. Nandafit – from stage to screen and beyond – the world celebrates the body beautiful in every media format imaginable, but how well do you really know them? When you think of the perfect physique, do you really think what it took to get there, the toil, the sweat! On these profile pages, we take a look at those men and women who personify our own hopes and aspirations when it comes to health and beyond.


Videos, images, biographies and quotes from heroes and heroines we should all celebrate and look up to! Take a look at how they trained, their on-stage successes and enjoy their journey from first-timers to world conquerors – from IFBB, EFBB, WBF, WBFF & more.

WBFF Fernanda Camargo

WBFF Bikini USA Champion

Name: Fernanda Camargo Periera

Currently Living: West Deptford, New Jersey.

Favourite Quote: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Marital status: Married since 16th August, 2012.

Born: Goiania, Brazil.

Studied at: La Salle University.




Hobbies & Interests.

Fernanda list her hobbies as a secret (whatever that could mean), but loves to dance in her downtime. Reading, and watching, her favourite books and films is a keen interest of hers and she cites ‘the Alchemist’ and the romanctic film ‘the Notebook’ as her favourites.

She dreams of travelling the world and claims her ideal holiday is a break on the Maldives. When she is allowing herself a little time to daydream, she sees herself driving her favourite car – the Lamborghini Veneno.


Professional Career

Fernanda Camargo is the 2019 USA Bikini Champion of the WBFF. Winning her title in Los Angeles, in April, 2019.

Not liking her skinny frame as she was younger, Fernanda decided to start training to build a stronger, more powerful physique. Now, this may be hard to believe but Fernanda was an unhealthy eater when she started training and it took many months for her to understand the advantages of proper nutrition when it came to building her championship physique.

Her main focus was improving her legs and making them look powerful and strong! starting her nutritional journey was an effective way for a self training method in which she dove into learning how best to feed her body. She claims she learnt more using this method than the actual courses she took!

It wasn’t all plain sailing though. Upon the commencement of changing her body, she faced critical voices and opinions as some declared her to be too masculine and having ‘ruined’ her already fantastic body by adding lb’s of well earnt muscle to her frame.

This didn’t deter her, however! It made her more resilient and she worked harder than ever to develop her physique into one she could be proud of. Whilst the toil in the gym was worth the self improvement, there was a calling that kept getting louder. One she had no clue would surface in the beginning.

Instagram provided her 1st world stage to show off her new found confidence and it wasn’t long before the messages of modelling and stage competition offers began to flood in. Bikini shoots, fitness clothing modelling, lingerie contracts and supplement endorsements were clambering for her attention.

1 stood out more than the rest though. THE STAGE!

The bright lights of New York and the call of her first ever competition was too difficult to resist. She announced her arrival as the best of the best with a 1st place trophy and her hard-won Pro card! In 2019 she again won in her biggest competition to date, the WBFF Championships in Los Angeles.

A huge achievement was followed by another. This one more personally satisfying as she graced the cover of Fitness and Curves magazine. Showing off the hardwork which has made her hugely popular with a new generation of fans around the world, we here, believe the best is still yet to come.




Future Look…

  Fernanda has the opportunity to not only compete at the highest levels for years to come, but also to choose where her career goes from here. Modelling or on-stage, she has all the tools to succeed. With a fanbase which will only continue to grow, her future will be very bright.