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who are ASAYL Fitness.

 Formed in 2014 and owned and run by personal trainer and nutritionist, Stuart Jones, ASAYL Fitness was devised as a way of making supplements and training accessible to everyone at prices that allow for customers to afford the best products and services available. When you look at many businesses out there, a lot of the time they offer cheaper alternatives or low-quality products without effective doses or high-quality ingredients.


   Stuart decided that everyone should get the best service, the best supplements and the best personal training services on the market.


   ASAYL Fitness stands for ‘As Strong As You Look’ Fitness and was created entirely to get away from ‘result-less’ training for huge prices that makes no sense. If you can lift huge weights you want to look like you can, do you really want to look like you can lift the earth yet can barely move a peanut? No! no one wants that!


   The same goes for your supplements protocol. Why have the bill of the best supplements out there while your cupboard contains nothing more than fun tasting drinks that don’t even hit minimal dosing for effective supplements!


   Here, we offer the very biggest names, the lowest prices anywhere and the best products. Everything has been tested by us and we only stock products that work! Our products are then passed onto you at great prices with some of the best offers available.


  Devised as a way of getting the very best personal training results in the minimal amount of time – 20:12:20 training systems (available in the shop here) has been used by over 100 of Stuart’s clients and having seen amazing result by men and women, young and older. Created as a series of 12 week programs that link and interchange easily, these are some of the best and most effective training systems out there. You can purchase these to use yourself or purchase training packages with stuart himself.


   We are so happy to finally be able to offer this to you and give everyone the chance to experience the best products at the best prices. Do not forget we also offer articles, interviews with IFBB legends and of course the ‘Trained by LEGENDS’ series of training programs made by the women and men who gave us the opportunities we have now. Mix that with the clothing and apparel as well as articles and features and you have a true one-stop shop for all your fitness needs.