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Amanda Ferreira- WBFF PRO


   When you learn Amanda is from Brazil, you can already sense where a lot of her on-stage presence comes from. Dancing is something Brazil has a history of and as a teenager – this was a passion for her! Then, what is Brazil also known for? Its sports stars and athletes. Amanda chose physical education as her university major which led her to America. 

   As an exchange student she was able to travel a small part of the country and allowed her to see what a Colorado winter was like ( a far cry from the streets of Brazil) while her spring was then spent in the Californian sun with the remainder of her time spent in places such as Las Vegas and New York! Quite the cultural 7 months for the bright- eyed 21 year old!



   Upon her return back home, Amanda realised she now needed to gain financial support (and lose the weight the American diet had helped her pile on). Settling for a , financially secure, goverment job she realised while her life was taken care of on a monetary level – physically and mentally – she was not commited to the career path she had chosen. 

   The gym became the refuge she sought!

   Then came the Arnold Sports Festival in 2014 (in Brazil) and the eyes of the unhappy dreamer were suddenly opened to the possibility that a larger world of opportunity was waiting for her. 

   Probably the biggest name in Brazillian bodybuilding and fitness at the time (potentially still) was Larissa Reiss, and this was the image that Amanda found in front of her on the biggest stage. The dream of something (im)possible was about to become the reality of every that was possible!  



“its not about you, it’s about the brand”

   Amanda is a true superstar of the WBFF –  one of the federation’s top competitors, but the reality is that she doesn’t present herself that way. she knows what it takes to get to the top. Hard work. Dedication. A selfish desire to win at all costs. The reality of those wins, though, are that you never win alone! Without the other competitors she can’t win because there is no competition to be in! She believes that as a brand is to grow, the athletes are to help each other along the way to success. Someone needs help, you help them. Someone needs advice, you advise them. This is a throwback to the old days when groups of like minded lifters would get together and pull each other up (which, in turn, elevated each other and forced them onto the next level).     

   Of course this isn’t done purely to help everyone at the expense of herself. Amanda does this for herself, she isn’t trying to build your perfect figure or physique – she is looking to build her perfect figure and physique. What pleases you won’t necessarily please her and nor will it ultimately please the judges if it doesn’t suit her ideals. She loves the feeling of power, strength and seeing the muscles and veins bulge when she is in peak condition, but this doesn’t detract from the fact she is still carrying a very feminine figure, feels fantastic and looks incredible!

   Her new clothing line represents this and is a must for women with figures which don’t lend themselves well to the high street ideals. small waists and shapely thighs are not the norm for most – off the rack – retailers. Amanda knew this and felt this, she saw it on herself, how her confidence would drop when the clothes weren’t right, but then it wold soar when the fit was for her and the hardwork she put in at the gym and in the kitchen was shown in an elegant and classy way, not just on the beach in her bikini, but out at dinner or with the family.