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Karla Melissa Torres Cruz,

Absolute Champion – Miss Mexico woman physique.



International runner up

Karlizfit personal coach


After proclaiming herself the reigning monarch in the Woman’s Phyisque category in the past, she now sought to ascend her sports career by taking part in her first international event!

World-wide stage warrior 


Women’s Masters – 35+, 5th place overall.



figure champion


Waist not…


Front to back


Karla Torres, a native of Cerritos, (San Juan de Los Cerritos), located in the central part of San Luis Potosi (SLP), had, in recent years had a career that was on the ascent in fitness. Conquering the Miss San Luis 2021 and then the absolute in the maximum national event of her country.  The overall goal for Karla – when participating in Cancun was to become the proud holder of an IFBB PRO elite card (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness). For this to become a reality she would need to place among the three best in her category, or, if she advanced from the absolute!

The IFBB Diamond Cup, in 2021, was attended by the very best of the best from the offered health and fitness categories. Only those who managed to become champion at the national level in Classified and Absolute categories in their respective countries were invited to compete and those who didn’t achieve qualification would be eligible to compete in the 3rd. International Emerald Cup. This was an event for beginners and novices – to be held at the same time.

Her preparation for this event was arduous because she did not stop her training regime, maintaining her diet and weight since being proclaimed ‘National Champion’ the prior September in the Mr. Mexico, Women’s Physique category. Her motivation for such a tough decision was knowing that no matter the result, she would learn from whichever placing she obtained!