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julia mazina

IFBB Pro Wellness - Cosplayer - Model

fast-track to success

   In 2012, Julia grabbed her 1st dumbell handle and began to open her eyes to the possibilities that could await her. 4 years later – she was on-stage, battling for honours!

IFBB PRO Wellness Championship physiques look good no matter the attire

hardcore training = hardcore physique

dana linn bailey/larissa reis

Most stage competitors don’t have half the glute/hamstring development of Julia

a common theme

 As anyone who has been reading these for any length of time, you may notice a continuous thread appearing in these stories.  When I look back at the journey of these athletes – on their way to popularity, success and stardom – one thought often rears up! Their respective federations in their home countries are poorly run, poorly structured and poorly managed when outside of America. Whether this is due to a lack of funding or the difficulties in garnering interest or the governing bodies within those regions, many find they have a – less than welcoming- experience in their homeland version of each federation. Generally they choose to opt out and pick either – another class, discipline or federation altogether! For Julia, this was no different and her experiences within her home country of Russia, and the governing arm of the IFBB, were less than the glitz and glamour she was expecting.

   “I was very disappointed with the IFBB. Especially the Russian unit! I didn’t want to get elite pro status”

   Surprisingly, she was so disillusioned with the set-up and execution of the Russian league that she decided to look elsewhere to achieve her dreams. Imagine jumping on-stage with hopes and aspirations, only to walk away from your experience shrouded in bewilderment and lost hope! 





getting to the top..

    After only a few years of training, Julia was already successful! Since 2015, she has been the winner of IFBB tournaments, which included the capture of the Russian Championship! This wasn’t the last of her accomplishments, where she continued to be successful.

   After her decision to remove herself from her chosen class in the IFBB, the BodyFitness Division, Julia wanted to improve her win record and go after that elusive PRO Card! A switch across to the Wellness category had her continue her winning ways in the WFF,  WABBA and NBC federations, winning all tournaments in those respective federations since 2020. 

   Since childhood – Julia had been amazed and impressed with the physiques of the heroes of the time. Superhero physiques and those larger than life – left her in awe at what she was seeing and made her mind for her. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a -larger than life- hero to many, but this was a special time in the Russian athletes’ life and with Arnold’s movies and sporting career intertwined on screens worldwide, she was hooked!

   A Russian athlete was already on her way to being a major star on the world stage, Oksana Grishina was making her mark on Julia. 

   “I believed that if one woman from Russia could become a champion, then many can, me too”.

   In 2021, she won the regional NPC tournament and qualified for the overall title – where she became the first IFBB pro athlete in Russia in the wellness category!


   “I was interested in the IFBB pro card. and in 2021 I did it under the wellness motto. I became the first from Russia who could. that’s why there is wellness in russia – that’s me!”





   “I also delight my subscribers with beautiful photos and cosplay.”



the future is healthy…

Along with her work trying to extend the scope and reach of female fitness categories in her home country, as well as abroad, Julia also helps, coaches and guides the next young pool of talent.

   Every step of the way she is there with posing practise and helping fellow competitors prepare for the stage. The wins, the struggles and the emotions are shared during the weeks and months leading up to that event and with an experienced mind – her help is invaluable. 

Her success on-stage has lent itself well to her continued success of it and with her horses, her beloved cat and the cosplay and modelling shoots she enjoys so much, her story is one you will certainly want to continue to follow.