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jenny montoya salazar

'Quads Goddess'

2021 and onwards…

At the 2021 NPC Worldwide Vallarta Bodyfit contest,

Jenny Montoya Salazar announced she had arrived and

was going to be someone to watch.

2nd place in the women’s physique category, against

a strong line-up, showed that she could compete at

the very pinnacle of the sport.












road to the big one

With all the tools to get to the very top of the sport, Jenny has her eyes set on the biggest show of them all.


Jenny is more than she seems at 1st glance, extremely powerful, with incredible lines.

power = beauty

There is always a fine line between athletic prowess and maintaining the lines of your physique (men and women), Jenny manages this with ease.

colombian goddess

“Believing in yourself will make you invincible, when you connect with yourself, unimaginable things start to happen”

If you ever take the time to invest in learning a little about Jenny, you can see what makes her tick, what makes her happiest. Inner peace and the gym are the main take-aways i had when researching this. She actively searches for tranquillity in her life and a lot of that is from self reflection and her faith in the reality beyond her own surroundings. One of the happiest places she has found is her training facility she has built her incredible physique – Emporium Sport Gym Zarzal, located in Jenny’s home country of Columbia. Valle del Cauca is where the gym resides which is found in southwestern Colombia, it’s pacific coastline is home to another of Jenny’s peaceful places – the beach- whilst if you travel inland, you find the picturesque Andes Mountains. 



everything is a work in progress.

   In 2019, Jenny began her prep for the year ahead with a few more lb’s on her frame, fullness in her cheeks and a desire to not let the image returned to her from her mirror (whilst still perfect in many respects – not stage ready), determine how she viewed success.

She began her training with a sense of hope and optimism, stating, “Being like this doesn’t make me feel bad, because everything is part of the processes and those are the things we must learn along the way.”

This is a refreshing change from many social media posts you will see daily telling you the exact opposite. Extra inches are unwelcomed and a single increase on the scale is a failure. Jenny says no to this! Believe in yourself, believe in your work and trust the process.


When you conquer your fears, your limits are destroyed!

By ensuring that every situation you find yourself in you are in control of and can make the very most out of them, you can dictate how you progress. This is a life lesson Jenny ensures she adheres to daily.


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the only way to find happiness is to change your way of thinking…..

With trade shows, Expo’s, Sponsorships and the stage under her weightlifting belt, the Quads Goddess is set for a future designed and built by her own hands. While many look to their own future as comparitive to others, Jenny looks to her own future as very much her own creation and her own willingness to succeed. This will hold her in goodstead for a solid future!