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monica brant

IFBB/WBFF professional figure legend - Ms. Olympia/Fitness & Figure Champion

legend to icon (and beyond)

   A true legend in the complete sense of the word!

   A pioneer in the sport, Monica Brant not only became the 1998 Ms. Olympia Fitness Champion, but was also part of the very 1st competition in 1995. Not only that – she was also part of the very first Figure Olympia in 2003, as well as achieving 2nd place in the 2003 Figure Olympia!

   Anyone else would take those accomplishments as the peak of their career. But, Monica wasn’t finished yet. She was only just getting started..

Monica Brant

It isn’t all just gyms and running tracks. Sometimes you just have to enjoy your surroundings.

last orders!

Propping up a bar (this time without added weight)

gym time

Looking good from the back is what wins you the show! A great front view pales in comparison to a great rear shot!

championship material

   In November, 1994, Monica recieved her  first appearance as a cover girl for Muscle & Fitness Magazine. According to records, this turned out to be the first of over 100 covers throughout Monica’s career with almost as many articles/interviews with this superstar.

   Competitively, Monica, was not only the 1998 IFBB Fitness Olympia Champion – but also claimed the 2010/2013 WBFF World’s Pro Figure Championships.

   In addition to the numerous stage appearances, Monica trained for track and field competition in her youth, which then went on to afford her a top three spot (within her age group) in the USA for the 100m, 200m and 400m races. She was also the recipient of the ‘All American Awards in each catergory. Her competitive times were also impressive with best times of 12.61 seconds for the 100m, 26.05 for the 200m and 59.76 for the 300m! These times were not only competitive, but this training allowed her to incorporate different methods into her(s) and her clients training regimes. Besides the typical physique style methods she, also incorporated Obstacle Course Racing and America Ninja Warrior training, alongside the sprint training as well!

Monica is an advocate of a positive mindset throughout life. “Our minds tell us that we can do it or that we can’t. The mind can set us up for success or failure”.

   As people age, the goal of becoming wiser and more capable should present itself, but this isn’t always true. Sometimes people will start to second-guess themselves—talking yourself out of doing something you love or embarking on something new because of your age become obstacles we set in our path, as a way to impede progress safely and without regret. ‘It wasn’t my fault, the timing wasn’t right’ or ‘there were too many things that could go wrong’, are common phrases uttered when fear becomes a dominant factor!

Monica had those fears, and more, but this wasn’t about to define her!

    “When I was turning 40, I competed in the WBFF World Championships. I did not consider that many of the girls would be younger than me — some much younger — or that I had not won a professional show in 12 years! I just stepped out with courage knowing that I could achieve a new goal and that my work ethic and dedication would suffice”.

   She not only rose to the challenge and ended up winning the 2010 WBFF World Figure Pro Championships, she also gained herself five more magazine covers.



   Citing this as one of the most important factors, (but also the hardest to maintain) Monica understands that the easiest way to fail in your goals is to let nutrition and diet slip by unchecked. The type of training she lived by for many years (as a full-time professional competitor) called for eating huge amounts of calories daily. When you consider Monica was 5ft 4in and carried a stage weight of 130, lean, lb’s – her regime of upto 2,500 calories every day, could seem excessive.

   Since she stopped competing, her lifestyle and training needs may have changed, but so did her need to maintain the same level of nutrition.

   A popular method of dieting became intermittent fasting and a keto-style food plans. These methods are wildly effective nowadays and Monica cites these as key areas in which she helped to maintain her desired weight, muscle balance, energy and clear thinking, with the added bonus of a healthy digestive tract.

   Intermittent fasting means you don’t have any calories for an extended period every day.

   Depending on the exercise plan for the day, she would sometimes skip breakfast and fast for 14-18 hours most days. This method works by using every last calorie from your previous meal over a set time frame and then switches to burning fat for fuel.

On days where this method isn’t readily available to her (or her daily regime doesn’t call for it), Monica will use a keto eating option where she would only take in healthy fats and no carbs. (For instance), “I’ll have organic green tea, water, Kerrygold™ butter, organic coconut oil, avocados, raw or dry roasted nuts and nut butters, whole eggs, and a good, grass-fed ribeye steak. Other days I’ll eat more normally, including healthy carbs. I like to mix it up!”

   “These two lifestyle changes have produced a freedom from food for me and my clients that I didn’t know I would enjoy as much as I have. I have appreciated being able to reduce my calories or not eat at all if I am in a fasting window. This has allowed me more control over my food rather than my food controlling me, and that is a huge bonus!” Monica declares.

   Aside from pregnant women and young children – Monica declares these are the healthiest options for nearly all men and women to incorporate into their daily lives. 

zzz…….to succeed

Sleep is a factor Monica would often stress as being almost more important than nutrition but many of the world’s top business men and women will tell you to minimise your sleep, realistically, to maximise your productivity potential. She would advocate most over 40 year olds should try to get 6-8 hours of sleep daily, depending on your needs and lifestyle.  Whilst this is an ideal window for most, this means sleep. Not sitting in bed watching TV or on your phone. We can survive a little while without food and water, depending on our body structure and how much stored body fat we carry, weather and religion, play a role in this. Fasting, for example can have you not drinking or eating throughout the day – as in a carb bacl loading diet, where you eat all your carbs for the following day in the prior evening. But sleep deprivation can have a drastic and immediate effect on bodily functions, besides how terrible we feel!

   Prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to (but aren’t exclusive to) cognitive impairments, irritability, delusions and paranoia, and psychosis. Don’t get me wrong, though… these are all conditions which can be affected by other conditions as well, not only this, but the ability to control hunger (due to the hormone leptin which has the job of signalling your brain when you are full and was first discovered in 1994 to have the ability to send this signal and control metabolism). When you don’t get enough sleep, you end up with too little leptin, which can have the result of a constant feeling of hunger, resulting in potential overeating, and a general slowdown of your metabolism.




   Monica was born and raised in Fort Hood and San Antonio, Texas, A very active child growing up her mother ran a professional horse training business, and Monica was taught how to ride at an early age, captivating her to this day.
   When Monica began high school, she embraced the programs afforded to her and continued her love of track racing and field sports, joining the track and field team. She also excelled at other sports – the volleyball and horse riding clubs. With her horse riding background, Monica was once again, able to excel in this area. This pursuit followed her to a local San Antonio college where she studied Equestrian Science – with every intention of joining her mothers business once her training was completed.
   1991 changed this for her! 
   Marla Duncan, the world’s first fitness champion, won a national bodybuilding competition grabbed her attention. Marla’s beauty and physique impressed her so much that she decided fitness competitions would be the place for her.
   “In 1991 I started lifting weights with a friend and saw a photo of Marla Duncan winning a national competition. Her beauty and physique impressed me enough that I wanted to try what she was doing–fitness competitions,” said Brant.
   She found a local gym and gradually began to train. She built her physique over the next 4 years and soon had a body worthy of amateur competitions. Following a professional level nutrition plan, she began to believe in her own abilities. Then, in 1994, she changed her direction again.
   A representative from ‘Muscle And Fitness’ magazine was looking for ‘the next big thing in figure and fitness’ and during a trip to her gym…he found it! Monica was asked if she would like to be featured and soon was on the front cover! This encouraged her to look for other opportunities, and a career path in the fitness world beckoned.


embrace it…

   A broader topic (which is obviously different for everyone), is exercise. Encouraging clients to find something they love to do, and can do, regularly is key to increasing your heart rate and expanding your lungs (safely) with heavy breathing from an intense exercise regime. One thing often found is how many people try to stay away from sweating during exercise. Building a sweat and maintaining that is crucial to your training prowess. You want to sweat – really sweat!

“The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it needs to be able to remove toxins and cleanse itself, which happens when you sweat”.

Embrace it. don’t shy away from it!


(UK) PCA Birmingham 2016- 1st & Overall

(UK) NABBA Universe 2016- 2nd


World’s Figure Pro 2013- 1st

World’s Figure Pro 2010- 1st 


Figure International 2010- 7th

Figure Olympia 2009- 10th

Figure Europa 2009- 3rd

Figure International 2009- 6th

Figure Olympia 2007- 7th

Figure Olympia 2006- 3rd

Figure International 2006- 2nd

Sacramento Pro Figure 2005- 3rd

Figure Olympia 2005-3rd

San Francisco Pro Figure 2005- 2nd

Figure International 2005- 2nd

Figure Olympia 2004- 3rd

Figure International 2004- 2nd

Figure Olympia 2003- 2nd

GNC Pro Figure 2003- 2nd

Figure International 2003- 2nd

Fitness Olympia 1999- 4th

Fitness Olympia 1998- 1st

Fitness International 1998- 2nd

Fitness Olympia 1997- 6th

Fitness International 1997- 2nd

Fitness Olympia 1996- 7th

Fitness New York Pro 1996- 4th

Jan Tana Fitness Pro 1996- 2nd

Fitness Olympia 1995- 7th

Jan Tana Fitness Pro 1995- 1st


Ms Fitness USA Nationals 1995- 9th

Ms Fitness USA Southern CA. 1994- 1st

Ms Fitness USA Texas 1993- 6th

Ms National Fitness 1991- 9th

Ms Fitness USA Arizona 1991- 1st


Certified through ISSA and an IBNFC Nutrition Coach, Monica travels worldwide sharing her passion for health and fitness through both guest appearances and her personal women’s fitness events, F.E.M. Camp™, founded in 2004 & Body & Soul & Women’s Retreat founded in 2016 and has launched her first ever LIVE monthly online lifestyle coaching program in Fall 2019.
Monica is a fan of many types of training (not only for herself but also her clients) and has kept sprints in her program for 25 years. This approach left her with leg development beyond that of squats. look at any picture of her during her sprint races and you will see, not only, well-developed legs, but also a physique built for performance. This was just as evident during her gymnastics routines and practise. Her physique is built around functionality for purpose. Should she be on-stage, she shapes her physique around those requirements – sprinting has her building explosive speed and strength and gymnastics has her working on total body control and strength. It isn’t your typical athlete profile. She is built for life. Not just an event once a year!
She currently resides in Texas with her high school sweetheart and beloved Doxie (Camy) and continues to bring awareness of great health and wellness to people all over the globe via her website and The Monica Brant Show on Youtube! A huge influence in her life (as written in this article), was and still is her mother. The image below has a great picture of Monica and her mother training together. This is the clearest indication of her fantastic genetics and this is certainly a picture that show shows healthy is not age apparent. Monica’s favourite training nowadays is her sprinting. Utilising a local high school track, Monica loves the feeling of her own body being her only constrict. Although she didn’t make the Olympic team in her trials, she didn’t actually run for a place in the team, she was running at the event the Olympic trials were held, a story which often becomes disjointed in the facts and melted together. She did come 3rd in the Masters competition on the day, however. All this at the age of 42, running a 59.76 second time. Currently helping men and women around the world with their fitness goals via her website, books and social media – Monica has new goals in life, new dreams and hopes for her own future – but rest assured, she will be inviting you on the journey with her!