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Laurie Green – (Freak Diesel)

What’s in a name?

Everyone is known by some form of abbreviation, or given pseudonym, that then transcends popular society. Often more so than their birth name.

‘The Blade’, ‘the Oak’, ‘the Gift’, they are all the names most easily associated with a person or persona by which they have become known worldwide! (Give yourself a pat on the back if you know them, it’s not hard, but you can do it anyway)

So, with that in mind, who then, is Freak Diesel and where did that identity come from and why? Let’s find out, shall we?!

From waits to weights..
The Dallas, Texas native grew up in the perfect athletic environment. Acting and modelling since she was only 5 years old, Laurie was also an exceptional gymnast and track sprinter! During her freshman year at high school she also held the record in the hurdles! Being the athlete she was also allowed her to round out her impressive CV as a cheerleader. This should have set her on the path to the highest honours in sport, that was soon derailed though and became the spine of her adult life. She would always be a driven and focused individual but it was what happened to her after that which would determine how she got there!
Many young people work in the food industry as a means to put some extra money in their pockets. Laurie was no different as she waited tables to earn hers. What was different was what happened before and after her shifts.
This is the story from Laurie’s husband and training partner.
“I was starting to fall for her, and I would have done anything at that point,” says David.
Laurie made huge strides with her training and composition, especially when David changed her eating habits. The irony here is that until she began weight-training, Laurie had done anything not to feed her body, and it almost cost her her life.
“One day she told me she didn’t want to be top bodybuilder. She wanted to win Olympia so she could go back to the hospital and show those girls with anorexia that there is a way out; there is hope,” says David.
“(She is) just a completely different person now.”


Life was sent to test her
Diagnosed with depression, anxiety, insomnia and eating disorders which left her weighing a dangerously fragile 68lbs and close to death at various points, Laurie found herself in hospital and placed on various programs to help combat the illnesses she was fighting, She was now being fed by a tube which she would go on to risk further serious complications from by removing and reinserting before and after every shift. (This method of self insertion and removal is very dangerous and it is not a suggested method of using this system, of which Laurie herself is also adamant should not be copied).
This would  (normally) be enough for anyone to have to live through, however- Laurie’s troubles were not ‘just’ the usual teenage angst or worry! At 16 she was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse! This is a condition where the two valves of the Mitral Valve fail to close equally. Her road to the top was not about to get any easier, but she has  always had the equivalent fight of a 6′ 5 quarterback in the frame a woman barely rising above 5ft. The 3 disk bulges and 1 herniated disk  she was later to be diagnosed with would prove to be the final straw!
Told she could never take up any strenuous activities or work again, she set out to throw their advice in the bin! In 2009 she decided to fight back when the prior year saw two of her best friends taken from her, which drove her deep into her own depression.  Faced with a reality which was spiralling out of her control, Laurie needed to do something to reestablish control. looking around for an answer – Florida beckoned and so did the rest of her life!
1 year later and the next chapter in her life grabbed her firmly and dragged heralding with it!
From never to everything!
1 year later and the next chapter in her life grabbed her firmly by the hand and took her down a path that was paved with success.
As we all know, eating is key to growing. When you have someone who has an eating disorder the two don’t normally go hand in hand. The thought of stepping on stage was never in her mind in her current state. Having a past in athletic endeavours – you would be correct to assume she would know her way around a gym. That wasn’t true, this time. Nov 2011, marked the first time Laurie ever touched a weight. The rest was about to be written in her own history. A swift recap shows how her life changed dramatically in just 3 years! In
2008 she suffered the tragic loss of her two best friends which caused a move to Florida in 2009. By 2010 she had lifted weights for the first time and in 2011 she stepped onstage for her 1st show!
As a brand new IFBB figure pro Laurie’s life had changed radically due to hard work and a few changes. She went on to become a top 10 competitor, placing extremely well in every competition she entered. Normally when someone states that Health & Fitness saved their life we normally shrug it off and carry on letting them believe whatever they believe. In Laurie’s case, it was true and she was standing on stage looking healthy and full of life as proof of that fact!
The Interview (Unedited & Exclusive)

THANK YOU for the opportunity.

AF. Can you explain how you first started training and what was key to you deciding you wanted to become a competitive athlete?
Laurie: I first started training in 2010. I had always been active cardio wise but never lifted weights until then. The key to me deciding to compete was because I struggled with Eating disorders 16 yrs, I decided I wanted to compete in 2011 and knew to be successful I had to eat. At 16 I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and told I’d never be able to exercise and do strenuous work, this just motivated the hell out of me to prove them wrong. I’d been physically weak for yrs & was determined to change my life. I won my IFBB Pro card in 2012. Fitness saved my life and my goal is to help others do the same. It’s a lifestyle and the best decision I ever made.
AF. You have been training for many years, gone through body transformations of your own and tried many different workout routines. Purely in terms of training, what do you feel was the best piece of advice you were ever given when it comes to stepping in the gym and transforming your physique and what do you feel (men or women) should take the most time to implement once they start to train?
Laurie: The best training advice I’ve ever been given was given to me by myself. LISTEN to & honor your body. If something hurts stop doing it. I learned the hard way by pushing through a separated shoulder for 3 yrs which got worse & worse and resulted in surgery 5 weeks ago. Train smart.
AF. Given you have competed on some of the biggest stages in this industry you have an edge when it comes to knowing what are the best supplements for women looking to transform their body the way you have. I am curious as to what you feel sets the line of supplements you are currently the face of apart from the competition?
Laurie: The only vitamins and supplements I take are BeautyFit products. I take them because they are formulated especially for women. They don’t have fillers or added junk. I see the best results with BeautyFit and I’ve tried everything out there. The protein is so good, the BeautyStrong preworkout really gives me energy and focus. BeautyHeat or Beauty fuel pre cardio gives me tons of energy without crash & gets me sweating. One of my favorite products is Beauty bum transdermal anti cellulite tightening lotion. I put it on my glutes, legs & abs pre cardio and I see a noticeable difference. I could go on and on about the benefits of them all but I’ll just share my daily regimen in the picture. 
AF. Being that you are one of the most beautiful women in the world and are in fantastic shape and condition could you explain what is the hardest part of your body to maintain, the hardest part you found to build up and what is your Achilles heel when it comes to nutrition and diet?
Laurie: The hardest part of my body to maintain is my legs. I was a cheerleader, sprinter, gymnastics and hurdle runner so they are built big. Show prep I struggle to bring them down and have to do this by light training, cardio & plyometrics. I love to train them heavy and split into a Quad day & separate hamstring day. The hardest part for me to build is probably my back. I train it hard & heavy but getting thickness is a battle. I love deadlifts but due to my shoulder I cant do them anymore. As far as diet, the struggle I have is with cheat meals. I’m always afraid that one meal will turn into a cheat day so I often rather do without. 
AF. Finally, since you do have so many projects on the go and are so busy I wish to thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. Can you let everyone know what is next for you, what motivated you to choose the path you are currently on and where can your fans get hold of you or follow your latest updates and projects.
Laurie: My future plans are making my comeback next season. My heart is set on Pittsburgh pro, always my first show of the yr, and the New York pro which is a huge show and I placed 3rd in 2014. These shows are in May and I still have 6 weeks of physical therapy so I’ll do my best to rebuild in the time I will have. If not, I have many more shows planned for 2016. 
I also do online diets, training and figure prep so message me on Facebook if interested. My passion is helping others.
(I was given the nickname FreakDiesel by an npc bodybuilder who I was training with when I first started. He was blown away by my strength for a 5’1, petite newbie. Said I’m a natural Freak and I go hard, pushing through everything like a diesel. It’s stuck with me ever since. Watch me train and you’ll know why) 
Thank you for the interview and thank you to my friends, family and fans for all your continued support. The best is yet to come so stay tuned! 
competition results
Tampa Bay Classic-3rd
Sunshine Classic- 1st Open A and Overall
Hurricane Bay-2nd…
2012 NPC Contests and results-
   C.J. Classic- 1st open, 1st Masters 30, Masters Overall
  Shannon Dey Classic/Southern USA- 1st 
   Jr. USA Nationals- 9th-
  Team U Nationals-1st class B, earned IFBB PRO card
Tampa Pro- 8th
Pittsburgh Pro-5th
Wings of Strength-5th
Tampa PBW- 7th
Pittsburgh Pro-6th
New York Pro- 3rd
Wings of Strength Chicago- 4th
2014-Crunch Fitness-personal trainer
2015-present-Sarasota Yacht Club-personal trainer
2015-present- Field Club- personal trainer