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10th May-12th may

NEC, Birmingham

The Bodypower event had been building momentum throughout the years leading up to 2019 and this was also to be my 1st full weekend! I had visited the show the year before to have a face to face meeting with a supplement company owner, regarding a collaboration in which i had been told – “show me what you can do”, Itook this challenge onboard for this show and in the run up managed to get myself 2 sponsorships, a meeting with 3 other companies at the show and also my press pass. I figured this wasn’t a bad return for the last 12 months.

The press pass was my key to taking these pictures and covering the event, meeting various superstar guests and spending a good few hours at the main Bodypower stand! my time there was indeed worth it as from that meeting i was able to get an article and interview accepted for the very last issue of FLEX magazine published in the U.K.

The article in question was the Milos Sarcev ‘INTERVIEW with a LEGEND’ found on this website. The sponsorships were a deal with Smartshake shakers as well as Efectiv Nutrition protein powders, (both available in the shop on here).

What follows is a dive into the last time Bodypower was held in this country before the pandemic created by the Covid-19 virus, from my eyes and gives you an insight into my weekend.

Welcome to the BodyPower experience

Newly designed for 2019, the organisers decided to attrat a new audience with a new layout and stylised experience

75 clothing™ reveal

My own branded clothing line got its 1st run-out at the event as well, this is the name which the ‘TRAINED by LEGENDS’ items are created under and ensures all items are authentic. A simple, but effective logo.

Legends came together

Mike Katz’ own T-shirt line was the 1st character reveal of the new line and a host of stars came together at the event to honour this man. Signing this shirt (which was then passed onto Mike). Stars included: Phil Heath, Lee Priest, Aaron Lambo and Lewis Yates. Phil’s own message was a throwback to Pumping Iron, can you guess what it was?

My own branded clothing line got its 1st run-out at the event as well, this is the name which the ‘TRAINED by LEGENDS’ items are created under and ensures all items are authentic. A simple, but effective logo.

Mental coffee

Lee Priest knows his coffee. While we waited in line to enter the Mental Hamster™ offices, we were offered a Mental coffee, i chose the caramel latte. not expecting much i was incredibly surprised to find out it was as good as any out there!

Short work!

He might not be the biggest in the room, but he is certainly looked up to by his followers. Aaron was more than happy to take time for every attendee that day!

Let me hold that...

Lee signed autographs all day, this has to be one of his favourites. Note the symbol, Lee is a super-fan.

Mental Central

There were more security than celebrity at the stand, but it added to the stand. 

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   First- Timers, novices, long-time lifters and everything else were on-stage to show off their hard work in the gym. Men and Women combined to battle and flex, pose and claw their way to the front of the stage. (click the image to watch the women battling it out).

Olympia king in the building

Phil Heath’s clothing was made available for his entrance. purchase and get it signed by Phil, after waiting nearly 2 hours in line……

Power vs Apparel

At the SBD stand, the worlds strongest men and women, including Donna Moore and Bill Kazmaier were there to meet and greet while some of the strongest gym accessories flanked them. 

Mental cars, Mental Bikes, Mental Hamster

Cars to bikes to muscles, Mental Hamster went hard on the aggression. Everything was turned up to maximum testosterone.

Jon Jones/GAT Sport

One of Jon Jones other obligations was a take over of the GAT Sports stand.

Jon Jones/Vanquish

While i spent an hour on the Vanquish stand, I watched Jon spend time with a multitude of his fans and gave each all the time they wanted. he was fun and entertaining.

Make your move, make their day

A young fan, martial arts fan and happy young lady got her staredown with the light-heavyweight king.

Security not needed, yet!

Whilst he is a world class martial artist – everyone needs there own security sometimes, even Jon! Unfortunately, later that day it was needed as an unknown MMA fighter made a bee-line for the stand to challenge Jon.

   Possibly the busiest part of the floor was this area – Barebells, Mental Hamster and Gat Sports all made this a frenzied atmosphere


Security played (and looked) the part……

It wasn't all work

A long day ended with a well earned rest with the Mental™ crew

Rolling their sleeves up.

Every bit of care and attention they could give the fans’ they did. All day.

DJ Vanquish

A real party atmosphere was offered on the Vanquish™ booth

Triple bill

Plenty to keep the fans happy

Photo op

One of the busiest stands….

If only she knew.....

Moore strength

Donna Moore was a key attraction on the SBD stage

Holland who...?

Even though Terry Holland was huge in presence and stature, Donna was in more demand from the times i had access to the stand.

Size matters

For a woman, Donna is huuuge! Powerful and strong. Terry Hollands was just  so much bigger in reality. As you can see here, he towered over just about everyone .

The Beast gets grabbed

5% Nutrition athlete, Jens the beast, was harmlessly walking through the crowds when beseiged by a couple of fans who just couldn’t miss their chance….it was all good though. They were actual fans of his and Jens was very humble, polite and gave them all the time he could. Having the ability to see this with my own eyes from a business standpoint rather than as a regular atendee, it allowed me to observe the men and women in private too and moments like this one showed that they really do love the interactions and these fans will always remember their time with him.

Main stand...

Danni Levy was on hand to manage the booth, run competitions and gear everyone up. During my time at the stand (I was allowed to spend a good few hours with Darren Nicolhurst and the team, and it was awesome. They really looked after me and it was there that i had my meeting which went onto me getting published in the last ever issue of FLEX Magazine in the UK with my Milos Sarcev interview and article This can be found in the INTERVIEW with a LEGEND menu on this website.

Dana Linn & Rob Bailey

When i heard they were on their way, I was curious. They were interesting, for sure, but i was never a huge fan. Once i spent some time around them, watching their interactions and listening to them chatting I was certainly won over. I was very aware that once the crowds disappear, so do the smiles. These guys didn’t do that. There were no ‘fake smiles’, everything you saw in front of the crowds, you saw here when it was just myself and them on the stand. They are actually as cool as they seemed.

"Oh, really?"

Rob Bailey enjoyed something here, I just wasn’t close enough to hear what.

Ladies Day

Every stand had its slew of female representatives, some on hand to help, others to hand out samples, but they all seemed to make the day better. Must e hard to be on top form all day, it can be a demanding show, but they make it look easy!

Son of an Olympia champion

Trainer extroadinare, Lewis Yates, of Temple Gym, 1st made famous by his champion father, Dorian Yates, was on hand to enjoy the new look of the show floor. He was kind enough to sign the t-shirt for Mike Katz just before i took this picture at the Vanquish™ stand.


Ollie Ollerton had a great, military based stand which i was unable to fully visit, but what i did see was a man who has done everything he promoted, and more. A smaller stand but none the less, very busy.


One of the stand out booths was the Booty-builder™ stand. Demonstrations and representatives were on hand to help with all your glute based goals.

Powertech Dreams

One of my favourites equipment based stands was the Powertech™ booth. Built to last and incredibly designed.

Viking based

Josh Maley had a great stand which allowed demonstrations and test of raw strength with logs and axes.

All Manner Of Benches

The newest pieces of equipment were shown and this was a huge favourite of mine. I love innovation and progress in equipment. Quality and tested strength in components genuinely excites me.