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Leira Hernandez



‘The foothills of Andes was home to a small farm within it’s 5,000km² and 110,000 population which instilled into a young girl an amazing work ethic, some years ago. This was required to push through gruelling workouts, strict diets and the desire to push through when everything was telling her to quit! Tierralta, Columbia, a municipality and town was where a young Leira was raised on the family farm.  These days she is very happily married and is planning to return to the stage in May, 2022 – but that’s not where her story ends!

wilderness wanderer

WBFF PRO DIVA loves the outdoors and takes to it whenever she can.

stagewear to swimwear

When you work as hard as Leira does, not only do you want to make sure you always look your best, but everything does tend to look better when you wear it!

sun lover

Years spent growing up in her native climate allowed a love of the best weather that still shows today.

under scrutiny

Even the very best competitors have to be held accountable for their preparations, Leira is no different. As competitors go through their off-season and competitive seasons they need to cast a critical eye over their physique in order to examine flaws, highlights, details and note the effects the diet and training are currently having on their progress. This is one of the ways competitors keep an eye on lagging areas and spot the improvements they aimed for between shows. Whilst Leira is currently a posing coach at LEGENDARY BODIES award winning fitness coaches, she still uses the support team there to study her own preps and cast their expert eyes over her figure.


one-way ticket to the title

Whilst some toil and sweat for years and never step on a stage, Leira went from zero to champion in just 2 and ½ years! Not only is that incredible just for the training aspect, but the mental mindset needed to train, compete and win a world title in just that short amount of time beggars belief!