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Laura Creavalle

The most accomplished, decorated and successful bodybuilder ever from Guyana.

About Laura Creavalle

Now retired from competition, Laura operates Club Creavalle Training Camp, offering personal training, nutrition training, and related services. She also has written two cook books (1 of which is available to buy from Laura’s page).

Laura’s Light & Luscious Cuisine

Through experience and experimentation Laura has written her cookbook to provide you with a range of healthy meals to aid and benefit your training goals. This is ideal for the busy and health conscious or if you just want to get into better shape!

Laura’s Guide To Nutrition

The perfect book to help you understand the need for quality nutrition in your training and the role it can play within your development.

Beginners Training Program

:Want to get in Shape?

:Never stepped foot inside a gym?

:You train but have no sense of direction?

   This Beginners Training Program, written by Laura Creavalle, will guide you from zero to hero safely and effectively.


Intermediate Training Program

Perfect for those who –

:Have been training for a while or have completed ‘Laura Creavalle’s Beginners training program’. 

:Regular gym users who have been training for a while but need a new program.

:Getting back to the gym after the pandemic and want to regain their previous shape.

Upgrade your self with this intermediate plan and watch your body change with Laura’s years of knowledge and training secrets!

Advanced Training Program

‘For those who –

:Are at a stage where you have become comfortable with training & need to rediscover your best figure or physique.

:Your lifts are getting stronger and you can complete more reps, but need to know how to progress.

:Have completed the previous 2 programs and have lifting experience.

Challenge yourself with ‘Laura’s Advanced Training Program’.


The Laura Creavalle Bundle

Why not purchase the entire bundle & get yourself a bargain.

Videos of Laura