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Syleena Lane

WBFF Champion

rule everything

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Nicknamed pimentihna or “little pepper”, Syleena was always active as a youngster. A competitive girl since the age of 7, she grew up playing soccer competitively for 10yrs with track and field occpying her in the off season.

Speaking 3 languages – English, Spanish and Arabic – Syleena expresses Arabic as more of a challenge. Multi talented and close to having her Masters in Acupuncture (she dropped out of Uni 1 year away from attaining her Masters degree), she is a very real success story. NPC Physique Champion and Capoeira student, this is the story of how she suceeded and failed while never quitting. 


   Spending her winters up in the mountains snowboarding (or shredding as she likes to say) Syleena also dabbled in other sports such as outdoor rocking climbing and acroyoga, a form of yoga which combines yoga and acrobatics. Syleena has also gained 3 belts in capoeira (which took her 5 years to accomplish) as she was simultaneously in school for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This became the basis and starting point for her knowledge and education for health studies, which started with Holistic Medicine in 2009. Having made her to a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine to practice acupuncture and herbology, Syleena unexpectedly dropped out of her studies with only a year left to go to involve herself in other interests. While Syleena was studying at AIMC Berkeley, she quickly became aware of how much good vs poor nutrition could play a role in quality of life!  When she was 16 an offer was made to her for a position as a fitness instructor when she eventually turned 18. Upon her 18th birthday she contacted the Group X manager and was able to gain her certification to allow her to start teaching at the University. After suffering an Achilles injury, she realised that she needed to look at other ways to enhance her fitness. It was then when she was encouraged to enter her first fitness competition! This was 2010 and this marked the beginning of her competition career which was highlighted by a 1st place in the Physique category in the NPC San Diego show in 2014. Syleena had officially arrived, and she was on her way to becoming a notable figure in stage and show with her Pro Card win at the 2019 WBFF shows.


Along with her coaching website (accessible by clicking the logo image further down), Syleena also models and also still competes at a high level having competed at the 2022 Wellness Pro for the WBFF. The tattoo on her ribcage says ‘love always’ in Italian and the one on her bikini line is the Anarchy symbol – just made from a heart. She states she has ‘a thing’ for foreign, exotic guys and has been married for a while now to her Arabic husband. Hard working and having a wild side which is evident onstage! A world traveller and incredibly hard working and intelligent – Syleena can only continue to excel – her work ethic won’t allow otherwise!


  • Monday: shoulders
  • Tuesday: cardio abs and calves
  • Wednesday: glutes and hams
  • Thursday: arms, chest, body weight exercises, rotator cuffs, abs and calves
  • Friday: glutes and hams
  • Saturday: back
  • Sunday: legs

Cardio I do 5-6 times a week 30 min sessions of weighted lunges to keep my legs tight and toned. I love cardio and its so good for overall health.

  • Daily Menu Choices
  • coffee with a scoop of protein, 3 egg whites 1 whole egg omelet with mushrooms tomatoes, two pieces of cinnamon ezekiel bread with 1/2 an avocado as a spread)
  • protein pancake: 2 egg whites, 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1 scoop protein powder and 1 banana.
  • chicken, broccoli and rice with 1 tbsp udo’s oil and red wine vinegar
  • same as above-I switch my protein, carbs and green veggies week to week depending on what I’m craving.
  • 4 egg white omelette with mushrooms and pico de gallo and seasonings
  • a scoop of protein before bed and maybe some nut butter or nuts depending on how I feel
  • As far as supplements and vitamins, my go to must have on hand is a multivitamin, vit-C, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Of course I do protein powder and sometimes CLA,
  • L-Carnitine, BCAAs that sorts of things.