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Maaxx West – WBFF PRO


Maaxx West is a Content Creator (Photographer / Videographer / Designer) with over 17 years of experience creating amazing and eye catching content for her clients.

She has had her own business since she was 18 years old, starting in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she is originally from.

As the 2020 WBFF Miss Bikini USA champion, Maaxx West lives the principals she enthuses for her clients and runs her own website from which you can purchase training, & nutrition plans.


   During the years in NYC she did Personal Training as well, training super models to get ready for Runway for Ford Models Agency. She also assisted in productions for big Fashion Magazines.

   In 2020 she had her first WBFF Show (which was virtual) during the Covid-19 Pandemic. She won her Pro card in her very 1st show! In the  WBFF Miami Nov 2020 she won her crown and the title of WBFF Miss Bikini USA. She is now in prep for WBFF WORLDS which are being held in Las Vegas, Aug 11-14th.

” I always want too much to do or i get bored”.

                                                                                    MAAXX WEST

HARDCORE Professional


   She is the owner of Bustamante Media, MW Fitness, Olympus Lyfestyle and Infinity Fit, with over 17 years of experience in Content Creation – Photography, Videography, and Graphic Design.


   Published Fitness Model and Coach, WBFF PRO Athlete, (crowned as 2020 Miss Diva Bikini USA). Official Posing Coach in Team Legendary Bodies – (Coaching Team of the Year). Also has her own Fitness Program for non-competitors, (phew).


Highly skilled behind, and in front, of the camera. She can act for other creatives as well as be her own model while operating the camera at the same time! Maaxx also offers marketing and Social Media experience on top of this!


A journey of desire & health

   Maaxx West started working out at the gym at the age of 15. In Sweden (her country of birth), she noted that many of her friends were very skinny and she decided that was how she wanted to be. Slim like a supermodel.

   As her knowledge of nutrition grew –  so did her body as she worked hard to put on weight. She was determined to look and feel healthier whilst getting into the best shape of her life.

   Fitness was like therapy for MAAXX, she found it had the effect of making her happy; it helped her to feel good on her good days and made her feel better on her bad days.

   Working out gave her head a much needed break from the world. All Maaxx had to focus on in that moment of time is herself and the weights – nothing else – and afterwards Maaxx says she feels like a star!

   Her love for health and fitness was the reason she became a trainer. With a wish for everyone out there to know how good it makes you feel, to see for themselves what this lifestyle can do for them, beyond getting a bigger booty or biceps.

    Maaxx is a world class trainer with programs for trainees of all levels and goals. Her programs help those who use them to achieve their results, and keep them. 

Visit the MW Fitness website